Öz-Ege Tobacco Inc.

You Are Valuable For Us!


Dear Employees, Supplier Contractors and Visitors,

If you experience illegal and/or unethical practices in Öz-Ege Tobacco Inc., you may inform us by writing to,


Your message shall be dealt with by the top management and your identity shall be kept strictly confidential.

Below are examples of inappropriate practices about which you may write to us:

• Bribes, entertainment or gift coupons given by Öz-Ege Tobacco Inc. to third persons or received by Öz-Ege Tobacco Inc. from third persons.

• Violations of human rights, mistreatment of employees, mobbing and/or unethical practices.

• Illegal trading, unfair competition and monopoly and money laundering.

• Öz-Ege Tobacco Inc. employees receiving kick-backs from organizations that are in business relationship with Öz-Ege Tobacco Inc.

• Failures in conforming to laws, regulations and procedures and record keeping requirements and errors and omissions made.

• Physical assaults or threats of physical assaults intended for bodily-harm or attrition.

• Verbal or physical sexual harassment.

• Discrimination on basis of race, skin-color and social background.

• Discrimination on basis of gender, sexual preferences and maternity.

• Discrimination on basis of religious and political beliefs.

• Suppression of freedom of organization; discrimination against union members and union representatives.

• Discrimination on basis of ethnic background and nationality.

• Discrimination against disabled persons.