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Water Policy

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Öz–Ege is depended to water because of its value chain and activities. In this frame, Öz-Ege aims to create long-term value for its own activities, value chain, employees, shareholders and society through sustainable improvement.

In this context, within the framework of its Water Policy, by considering the right to access clean and safe water;

• Align with local laws and obligations,

• Establishing an effective and sustainable water management system against to water stress risk and conducting the system effectively,

• According to these targets, reducing and optimizing water consumption, increasing water use efficiency,

• To cooperate with its stakeholders for the reduction of water consumption in the value chain and efficient utilization,

• By adopting emerging technologies, efficient use of water throughout its activities,

• To provide a healthy working environment by providing access to clean water for its employees,

• Along with the ecologically embraced consciousness, continuing to work on easy access to clean water, not only its for primary employees, but also the entire producer groups and stakeholders,

• To increase environmental consciousness and awareness of all its primary and indirect stakeholders,

Öz–Ege accepts and undertakes as the basic articles of the Water Policy.

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Board of Management

Mahmut Özgener    Rikardo Aliberti

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